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Digital Life Coach / Tech-Life Coach

Are you looking for someone to help you with your website, IT- or daily tasks?

Would you like your website to rank high in search results? With Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can achieve great visibility and stand out prominently in search results.

Or are you looking for a coach for guidance and support to help you clarify your goals, develop an action plan, and overcome obstacles?

I would be happy to help you.

How can I help you as Tech/Digital Life Coach?


SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Hakukoneoptimointi, näy verkossa, näkyvyys verkossa, hakutuloksissa ensin.

Website development ensures a seamless user experience, while Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques boost your visibility on search engines.

IT-help & content creation, marketing materials, Search engine optimization, customer service, events and other agreed tasks. I can help you setting up services and account in internet, so you don’t need to struggle with them.

Valmennus, coaching, yksilövalmennus, ratkaisukeskeinen valmennus, elä sinulle sopivaa elämää

Life coaching offers personalized guidance, helping you gain clarity on your goals and aspirations. Through conversations, it enables you to overcome obstacles and tap into your potential. Life coaching empowers you to live more purposeful, balanced, and fulfilled live.

Theta Healing provides a powerful avenue for deep emotional and energetic healing, enabling individuals to release limiting beliefs and traumas. Through Theta Healing, you can experience emotional liberation, heightened self-awareness, and a renewed sense of inner peace and empowerment.

Digital Coaching



  • Coaching & gaining clarity on who you are as a business
  • Examining your website and does it convey your message?
  • Social media strategy or creating community, leveraging sales
  • Getting clear on your business vision
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make your services & products rank high in search engines
  • Content development / creating compelling work
  • Email marketing
  • Planning your event
  • Helping you to to navigate in the IT-world


Please find more detailed pricelist and costs of programs.


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starting from

Carefree website

I will guide you through the management of your website and, if you wish, we can do a contract about the maintenance services.

Increased confidence & overcoming challenges

With the guidance of a coach, you can get support for your plans and make sure your decisions are aligned with your vision and long-term goals.

A coach is a valuable resource in overcoming any challenges or obstacles you may encounter on your journey to change.

Would you like to handle it on your own?

Sometimes building things yourself takes up a huge amount of time. You need to consider if it’s worth it.

Learning new things, creating the site and keeping it updated.

I have this covered in my short Finnish eLearning course. Please have a look


I am happy with my resume website and the support I got. Thank you.
My business site is so me. I also had training to update my pages myself in the future.
I warmly recommend Sari, who is able to intuitively see the most suitable and the most functional site for the client and to implement it technically.

About Sari

Hi, my name is Sari Suvanto and I am a tech-savvy who loves to help clients to build their online businesses. After working for 19 years in Nokia in Human Resources Development and Information Technology, I focused on websites and digitalization.

I’m a certified LCF Life Coach, Heal your life (Louise Hay) teacher, Licensed Practitioner of NLP and Theta Healing Practitioner. Also I’ve done Reiki 1 and Meta Health Practitioner courses.

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