Theta healing

Deep spiritual change and healing

Theta healing

Theta Healing: Deep Spiritual Change and Healing

Theta Healing is a powerful spiritual technique that combines meditation, energy healing and belief system change. This method was developed by Vianna Stibal in the early 1990s.

The main features of Theta Healing:

Theta Brainwaves: as the name suggests, this technique involves theta brainwaves, which are brain electrical signals that occur in a deep state of meditation. It is believed that in this state the mind is receptive to positive changes and influences.

Theta Healing focuses on transforming and reprogramming limiting beliefs. These can be unconscious beliefs about self and the world that can limit an individual’s potential.

Energy work

Theta Healing involves energy work that utilizes universal energy to assist in healing and balancing.

Intuitive reading

Theta Healing practitioners often draw on their intuitive or clairvoyant abilities to gain deeper insights into a client's situation.

Goal-oriented action

Theta Healing focuses on achieving specific goals. It can be related to health, relationships, self-esteem or other areas of life.

Life changes and goal achievement

Areas of use in Theta Healing:

Theta Healing is a holistic method that seeks to improve the balance of mind, body and soul. It is important to note that it is not a substitute for medical treatment for serious health problems, but can serve as an effective complementary treatment.

Mental and emotional wellbeing

Helps to address trauma, anxiety and other emotional challenges.

Physical healing

Theta Healing can support physical healing and well-being.

Personal growth

Theta promotes self-awareness and helps individuals discover their potential.

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