Terms and Conditions

Effective from 1.10.2020

Web Store

sari.cc sells products to private persons. All prices shown include VAT. We reserve the right to price and delivery cost changes.

Placing an order

You can order products in the web store by placing products in the shopping basket and paying for them in the web store’s checkout. All customer information is handled confidentially. The contact information given when placing the order is not used for anything else but delivery of the order and for resolving issues with the order. When ordering from our web store you are expected to have acquainted yourself and committed yourself to the terms and conditions valid at the time of purchase.

Paying for your order

The payment service between vendors and consumers is offered by Stipe. You as a consumer are not required to register or pay extra costs for using the payment service. All data transfer and money transactions are SSL secured meaning that no external party can see your personal information.

Payment options

Card Payments by Stripe.

Paying with a credit card is always easy and safe in our web store. Card payments in our webstore are provided by Stripe. During the transaction, all card information will be handled through a secure connection.

Contact information and customer service

If you have any questions regarding your purchase, please use the contact form on the website or contact your credit card company.

Order and payment confirmation

After a successful order, an order confirmation will be sent to your email. To be able to receive order and payment confirmation emails you are required to fill in your email address when placing an order.

Problem situations

In case your order has gone missing, or you are not satisfied with your order, you are required to notify the relevant party or parties stated in the terms and conditions within 14 days.

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