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Coaching is a way of mapping a person’s current situation, finding and changing limiting beliefs and learning how to lead one’s life in the desired direction.

Coaching is based on cognitive behavioural science and is solution-focused

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Coaching is a form of activity through which the coach helps the coachee to reach the coachee’s goal. The aim of coaching is to help the coachee take responsibility for him/herself, his/her life and his/her actions.

In coaching, the coachee realises the essential things that are important to him. The coach’s task is to help the person being coached to make realisations, to identify his/her own starting point, to clarify a functional and inspiring goal for the person being coached and to build an action plan to achieve his/her goals.

Coaching can be compared to a doctor and a personal trainer. If your body is “broken”, you go to the doctor. If you want to get your body in shape, you hire a personal trainer. In other words, if you are “broken”, you go to therapy. In therapy, you go through your past and use it to try to find healing and balance. You choose coaching when you want to get your life in order or you want to achieve your dreams. The key to coaching is that you yourself have the will and strength to move forward towards your goals.


The effectiveness of coaching is based on the insights generated by the coachee. The insights create the necessary changes in the person and also bring about the changes.


Thoughts create our lives. A thought creates a feeling and a feeling makes you act in a certain way. For example, you think you are lonely. You therefore experience a feeling of not being accepted and as a result you don't go out with other people. Because you don't go out to people, you are lonely. In coaching, you deal with beliefs and replace them with ones that serve your life.

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Life coaching is your personalized guide to self-discovery, empowerment, and success. Transform challenges into opportunities and achieve your goals with the support of a dedicated life coach. Start your journey to a more fulfilled life today

Valmennus, coaching, yksilövalmennus, ratkaisukeskeinen valmennus, elä sinulle sopivaa elämää
  • Valmennus ja rentoutus ulkona. Serenity Coaching.

    Serenity coaching


    Coaching session in the forest.

    Duration : 120 MIN


  • Ratkaisukeskeinen valmennus, aloitus.

    Discovery Session


    The opportunity to discover what are your current challenges are and explore whether and how you can find ways in solving those challenges.

    Duration : 90 MIN


  • Valmennus Coaching

    1:1 Coaching


    The 1:1 coach program guides you through a customized, business-building process, with a coach to support you & keep you accountable for achieving your goals.

    Duration : 60 MIN

  • Sinkkuvalmennus, Singls Guidance, valmennus sinkuille

    Singles Guidance


    Live the way most suitable for you with people who are good for you.

    Duration : 60 MIN

  • self-improvement



    Discover the root causes that are blocking you from living the life you want. Start building a new life with a new view.

    Duration : 60 MIN

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