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Services - Implementing online businesses for entrepreneurs

Small website

Your online presence incl. max. 9 search engine optimized pages of information about you and your business. Do you also need mailing list? Please contact


Website with life coach

Large website

Your online presence inc. max 19 search engine opitimized pages of information about you and your business.  Do you also need mailing list? Please contact.


Start your own Webshop


Website with Woocommerce shop where you can sell your products and services. Stripe payment.


Services - Start your own eLearning site

Online course

Website with your online courses. Requires webshop. Package incl. website, webshop and online course.


Helping you with Social Media

Social media

Creating social media pages or creating content and posting it to your social media channels.


Digital coaching helping you build online presence


Content creation, maintenance and updates to website
Automation setup.




When you wish to learn how to set up your own website and maintain it. Online and recording for your future use.




Defining spects for large website: Expectations, requirements, goals, plugins. Proposition.




One-to-one online non-technical coaching.
Life coaching.



5 session coaching

One-to-one online non-technical coaching five times.
Life coaching.


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