From puppy to adult

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You have a puppy who requires attention and caring.

The puppy moves to a new home at the age of 8 weeks.

The puppy has grown with her/his dam and sire for the first 8 weeks and the growth continues in the new home.

In this course, you will find information, tips, and guidance for the new puppy from the day she/he was born until the age of 1 year.


What will I learn?

  • Harmonious life with the puppy / dog.

Topics for this course

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Tips for your new life with a puppu.
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Time in the tummy.


The birth of the puppies

The first weeks?

The life of the puppies during the first weeks.


When to deworm the puppies.


The puppies 1st vaccination

New home?

When the puppy comes to the new home


Suggestion recipe for the puppy


Dogs teeth

Tidy dog?

Keeping your dog tidy.

Bed and other “high places”?

Some caution when a dog is young.


Tips for walks etc. About exercise.


The young dog needs to play

The leash?

Whan kind of leash? What's good for retriever?

Is your dog sick??

What could be the signs that your dog is sick? What problems could you be facing?


Train your dog to do the business outdoors.

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Target audience

  • The new owner of a puppy.